Interview with Galax

  • Can you introduce yourself ? My name is François Gaillot, alias Galax, I’m 23 years old. After graduating from high school, I took a year off to work, do some woodwork and travel - only then I entered the Iconograf to learn about comics.
  • What place does art take in your family ? My mom liked to create things with the stained glass techniques. Besides, our parents always encouraged us to do the job we liked.
  • Were you always aware of your career choice ? Since I was 12, I’ve always made a lot of comics and I've created lots of fanzines. But I almost gave up when I finished junior highschool, and I spent many years without drawing at all before realizing I was really missing it and that I needed art in my life.
  • What are your motivations to work on this project ? I had just finished school when I was asked to work on it, and I was really excited about it ! Not everyone is given the opportunity of working with people they know, and being advised by professionals since the beginning.
  • Can you tell us about your work ? It’s a caricature of American comics, the story is about a superhero whose power is to communicate with bugs, all in a humorous spirit.
  • Any other job experiences ? I’m in the middle of opening my own company as a professional illustrator. I have worked on a poster for a street art festival, and I am starting a comics workshop for 8 to 12 years old kids. I’m also doing an illustration for the Angoulême French comics festival.
  • What do you do when you are not drawing ? I don’t really have any other activities beside that. My wife and my daughter are my real passions (laugh). I also volunteer in a nursery.
  • How would you define your work ? Humourous, I’m trying to preserve the Franco-Belgian tradition by trying to stay modern. I’m also testing some new kind of narrations. Besides, I’ve been selected to an Angoulême contest thanks to one of my experimental comics.
  • What comic’s hero would you be ? Jules from the comic Les épatantes aventures de Jules (Jule’s incredible adventures).
  • Do you have any author you especially look out to ? Guibert, Sfar, Chris Ware, Thomas Matthieu, Fabien Vehlmann, and many others.
  • What are your favorite comics ? A comic that can be read online on Une soirée de Chien (Thomas Mathieu), L’aventure de l’homme-chien (Yoon-sun Park), L’étirement du plexus Brachial (Sylvain-Moizie), Être riche (Daniel Blancou).
  • Is there any message that you want to convey in your comic ? For me, a comic needs to be light thanks to humor and with other visions of the world. I like talking about ecology as well.
  • What do you like best in your daily work ? Diversity. From writing to drawing, there is so much creativity involved. I also appreciate working independently and having my own clients with my new company.
  • And what do you enjoy less ? When something takes too much place over the rest of my work. For example when I spend 3 months prospecting clients and do not drawing at all. I like it when it’s different.
  • Can you describe us one of your workdays ? It’s a bit complicated, it would be many days! I can describe my work in general though; it is more a strict organization. Each day I know what I want to do : 8 pages of rough, 4 pages of inking or 4 pages of color. I like it when it’s well organized. Beside as soon as I have to juggle with different actions - it quickly turns out wrong. The mails can be sometimes invasive too.

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