Interview with Guillaume

  • Tell us a little bit about you. My name’s Guillaume, I’m 24 and I’m from a small village in Charente Maritime (in France). I graduated in Toulouse with a BTEC in visual communication, majoring in multimedia, before I started at the Iconograf.
  • Have you always pictured yourself as a comics writer ? At first I wanted to be an architect. But after an internship in an architecture studio I realized what it really meant. Eventually I understood that I didn’t want to do that for a living. After my BTEC I changed my mind for comics.
  • Why choosing comics in particular ? I don’t really have a reason, I wanted to work either in animation or in comics. I wanted to participate to an animation contest in Belgium, but it was happening on the day when the Iconograf was welcoming its students. I had to make a choice, which I absolutely don't regret today.
  • What motivated you to take part of this project ? I love the idea of beginning in a group, as opposed to starting alone right out of school. Besides, a group that edits comics on the Internet sounds really appealing. Being part of a label and being supervised to finally be published on the Internet is all really reassuring. All the more since it's also a guaranty to be on the American market, which offers more opportunities. It seems easier to sell online as well.
  • What is your current comics about ? We follow the adventures of Clémence, an 18 year-old girl who just joined the army. The world is in a post apocalyptic state and seasons are completely messed up. The surface of the Earth is covered in snow and ice, and mankind has to remain in underground cities to protect themselves from both the cold and the robots, remnants of an ancient technological country. Clémence travels the world to find a solution to this climate upheaval.
  • How would you define your art ? Simple.
  • Which hero of comics could represent you best ? Snowy ! (Tintin's dog) (laugh)
  • Inspirational authors for you ? Boulet, Larcenet, and Eichiro Oda.
  • Some of your favorite comics ? Pinocchio (by Winshluss), Batman Year 1, Le Retour à la Terre and Blast (by Larcenet), Donjons (by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar), Blacksad Volumes 1 and 2 (by Juanjo Guarnido).
  • Is there a topic that you especially like to talk about in your drawings ? I like to represent people who learn to accept their flaws and weaknesses in order to move on in life and develop their qualities.
  • What do you particularly like in your work ? I like to think about the story and to create characters. But I don’t like the struggle between the roughs and the coloring phases.
  • How are your work days organized ? There is not typical day. It depends on what I have to do. If I have to do some roughs, some inking, or coloring… I wake up, chill an hour, then I go to the Iconograf. I set daily goals, once I reach them I go home where I make sure to separate work from leisure time and play videogames all night ! (laughs)
  • What are your work instruments ? I recently started working with Photoshop only, because I used to work on paper but I would always end up with tons of it. It felt like I was wasting a lot !





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