Kevin Chevalier's Interview

  • Can you tell us about you and your drawing style? Based in Paris, I am a freelance illustrator and a comics author. My drawing style is akin to tribal art, tattoos and street art.


  • Why comics? Because easy way to tell a story with any kind of medium, and to share your graphic style with the readers while following a common thread.


  • Who are the authors that inspired you?  Winschluss, Brecht Evens, and Peeters. They have three very different styles, each really stands out. Brecht Evens with his graphic style, or Peeters with his narration for example.


  • Tell us about your favorite comics, and some that you'd advise to readers? Pinocchio by Winschluss, which has really been a schock to me when I first read it. So many qualities are gathered in this comic, it's a must! There is also "Les Noceurs" by Brecht Evens. Each page is really breathtaking. You are totally swept into a half-waking dream.


  • Fianlly, can you tell us about your comic? In an imaginary world lost in the middle of the desert, lives Noor, an old man with a big heart that avoids troubles in the best way he can. But a bad encounter will mess up his plans, and a prophecy will have to be carried out.Noe saved the animals, will Noor save the humans...?


You can discover his other personal works on his website.


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